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How this works?

Simply email us  ilovekakulay@mail.com or add in http://www.facebook.com/kakulay  in this format:

  • Your Name:
  • Your Contact Number:
  • Your Blogshop Name:
  • Your Blogshop Link:
  • A banner or logo: (Please resize your banner to 180 pixels by 260 pixels)
  • And how long you wish to put up your banner:

We will send you a confirmation email.

Payment have to be make before the banner is put up.

We have only (7) seven spaces for advertisements, so it will be based on first-come-first-served basis. Once two spaces are taken up, the rest will be on waiting list.

*Please note that maximum time to put on advertisement is 3 months, so that others will have a chance to advertise. If you will like to advertise here again, we will rotate back to you when it is available again.


  • 1 month – php 250
  • 2 months- php 400
  • 3 months- php 550
  • 4 months php 750


We accept:

  • ATM Transfer
  • Money Transfer (Western Union)

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